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    14-02-13 Mirsadeghi’s February letter
    14-02-13 Mirsadeghi’s February letter In the name of God….. It has been said that a teacher was talking to his students. One of the kids who weren’t too happy with his behavior was pouring his heart out to the teacher saying that he can’t stop thinking about the mistakes he has made and for that reason he has lost his ability to work and study. The teacher decided to tell a joke so he can lift the students spirit and everyone laughed out loud; then a couple of minutes later he told the same joke but, this time only a few students laughed. He told the same joke for the third time but, this time no one laughed. The teacher smiled and said: when you can’t keep laughing at the same joke again and again then why do you keep crying and regretting the same thing over and over? I told you this story so, you can understand me better. In our life we all get to the point that we feel we are so far away from our goals and dreams and instead of trying even harder to close that gap, we lose our power of movement and give up. Therefore the gap gets bigger and bigger to the point that you decide to totally forget about your goals. But why is it that when people feel as if they’ve become distant to their goals instead of trying even harder they just stop in their track? 1-The strength to accept a negative result: When a successful person makes plans for his goal, other than choosing a date for his victory and thinking about it, he’ll also keep in mind the fact that he might not reach his goal at the time he wanted or he might not even succeed. Just the fact of accepting that, it would increase his patience and strength and therefore when he reaches the goal which wasn’t quite what he was expecting he can start again. That’s because he predicted that situation and he was ready for it. But if you think you will always succeed, then one bad result will throw you off your path. 2-Then strength to forgive yourself: Most of us have this idea that whenever we get a bad result, we constantly have to be upset otherwise we don’t take our pride seriously. Who came up with that?!When people get upset, they are only capable of using half of their capability to forgive and therefore when people can’t forgive themselves they become worse than before since they’re only using half of their existence. Successful people make mistakes and take the wrong path too, but they are successful because when they hit the ground they remember their abilities and value and tell themselves:” Even though I have made a mistake, I have enough strength to fix everything” You can start again by repeating the above sentence a couple of times. You need to believe that you can change most things and tell yourself that it’s wrong to think about a problem or a mistake for more than a minute. Just think about them for a minute and ask yourself these helpful questions: 1-Why I didn’t work enough? 2-What rule do I have to place in my life so this will never happen again? 3-How proud I can be with myself if I would never repeat this mistake ever again? And every time you make a mistake repeat the sentence:” Even though I have made a mistake, I have enough strength to fix everything” You’re meant to make mistakes again but, it’s not that important, the important thing is that every time you made a mistake stretch your hands towards the sky and say: Please God, with all your greatness, please forgive me and give me the ability to forgive myself. Don’t forget that if you keep being upset, cry and think about your mistakes too much you’ll seem as ridiculous to your family and friends as much as when you keep telling them the same joke over and over again. Ali Mirsadeghi