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    11-03-13 Even if you’re at the highest point in your life, you still have to be scared
    11-03-13 Even if you’re at the highest point in your life, you still have to be scared Brian Tracy says that the greatest businessmen in the world are those who consider the possibility of bankruptcy even when they’ve reached the highest point in their life. One of the factor responsible for not achieving what you planned is because when you’re planning, you’re always thinking about the positive factors and never take the problems that might occur into account therefore even with a simple problem you put your whole plan aside and announce: “Every time I want to move forward with a plan, God doesn’t let me” Since you’re reaching the best days of your life, you have to be more pessimistic when planning. For example if you’re planning for the New Year holidays you have to take into account all the bad things that can happen and figure out a solution for it. You can’t say I’ll study 10 hours a day and not think about the other possibilities mentioned below: 1-What do I do if guests show up? Where should I study so I won’t hear them? What should my family tell them so they won’t interrupt me? What do I do if they have kids around my age and they want to see me? 2-If in the first and second day of the holidays (Which I’ve taken a break) I watched a series on TV which I really enjoyed, how do I forget about it and not watch it anymore? How should I control the volume on TV when the rest of the family is watching? 3-the days that my family goes out to visit someone or go on holidays, what personal factors can get in the way of my studying? What should I do for food? 4-What should I do so I don’t sleep in, in the mornings? Is someone awake at that time to wake me up? What if everyone is sleeping and I get tempted to go back to sleep again? 5-How should I control my mobile or house phone? Should I answer? How much time would I lose that way? 6-How should I control myself to not to get on the internet? When can I check my social networks? Is it possible to study 12 hours a day if I check my email? Do I need to put away my laptop or computer? 7-Do I need to go out with my family for dinner? How can I tell them “No”? Can I really say no at these times? 8-If I get sleepy in the afternoon, how can I stop my plans from getting ruined? At nights when I feel sleepy how can I continue studying? 9-What can I expect from my family during the New Year’s holiday? Should I ask them to wake me up? Should I ask them to be tough on me? 10-If I ran out of motivation, what books should I read? What should I be doing at these times so I won’t fully let go of my whole study plan? And a lot more of the same questions; pay attention and plan for the best days of your life. Try to make plans based on the worst case scenario so, that way you would have a solution ready for all the things that might go wrong and you would never mess up your plan. If you promise to make your plans based on the worst case scenario, then I promise you that by the end of the holidaysyou’ll tell yourself: “Every time I make plans, I feel as if God is helping me”