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    05-05-13 / You’re a genius!!!
    05-05-13 You’re a genius!!! Judging is something that can make people become pessimistic and ruin relationships between others. When we unwillingly judge other people’s lives and behavior, we unconsciously start looking for their faults. And that’s because the role of the judge is to find the criminal and not someone who has done a good deed. Judging others result in upsetting yourself and others because we’re always looking for a criminal and we keep doing this and as a result we’re always upset. For example when we’re criticized by our teacher, we automatically forget our own problems or mistakes and instead we start saying that the teacher has a problem and doesn’t like us and for that reason the teacher wanted to make us look bad in front of others. Judgment means a decision we make after being side tracked, it might be right but, most times it’s not useful. Judgment means a pessimistic take on things and looking for faults in yourself or others which might be correct, but it doesn’t have a great ending. To have a better life it is better not be after the intention or purpose of our family and friends behavior. For example if they bought us a cheap gift, just say maybe they wanted to or maybe they didn’t have enough money. But, don’t say: “what a stingy person” If our friends can’t help us with a problem, keep in mind that maybe they don’t feel like it or that they can’t really concentrate on our problem, but don’t say “they’re jealous of me” or “they don’t want me to be successful”. This way we’ll have a better relationship with our family and friends and therefore have a better life. When we’re happy with our life we’ll find more energy for the things we like, that’s not enough? If we try not to judge people, we’ll have more motivation and we’ll have more energy than before to enjoy being with our parents without thinking they have a grudge against us and everyday instead of thinking “why are they like this?” “Why do they act this way?” we can think “how can we improve our relationship with others?!””How can I help?” or” how can I plan my work properly?” If we start thinking about how we can change ourselves other than constantly think about other people’s behavior, we can surely be a better person. Leo Tolstoy says: Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing themselves. Of course, I don’t agree with Tolstoy much and don’t like to say that no one thinks about changing themselves, there are people who think about change, but you should believe that they are a minority. You can definitely be one of the greatest people who can change the world; you could as well be born for that reason, but I beg you not to think about the things that can’t result in changing the world for even a second, don’t waste time thinking about why there aren’t enough good people in the world, don’t concentrate on your families fault. You have to change the world and the easiest part of this great change is within yourself. So, don’t waste your time on other things!!! Don’t even judge yourself, when you don’t make enough effort, don’t say:” I’m a lazy person”, instead say:” I didn’t put in enough energy” When you sleep too much, don’t say:” I sleep too much”, instead say:” it would have been better if I got up earlier” When you can’t solve a math problem, don’t just stand and stare at it. Don’t say;” I’m dumb”, say: “I need more time to solve this problem”. Don’t judge yourself!! If someone doesn’t like Da Vinci’s painting, they probably don’t understand it and if they’re smart enough they won’t say what a horrible painting, instead, they’ll say: “I figure it out later” If you’ve been given the opportunity to see one of the greatest painters work and can’t get his point of view on things it’s your fault due to your lack of knowledge and if you give it some time, you’ll figure everything out. You’re looking at a creation of God which Da Vinci is one of them. So if you look at your own portrait, you can’t say: “I don’t see anything”, you have to say “I have to make more effort to find the strong points in this painting. You are a creation of the greatest painters, GOD, so please don’t judge God!! Please, don’t judge yourself. Please, don’t lower yourself with the smallest fault. Please, discover your strength quicker. Please, change the world and bring it out from the darkness and all the other problems. Please, don’t forget that if you don’t change, the world would stay the same. Please, don’t forget that I’m here waiting for you to make great changes and don’t forget I want a share of that great change… Please, don’t forget that you’re a great person even if you’ve made mistakes, because according to Wayne Dyer if you judge your personality only with your school work, your results and your studies, then when you don’t study, you’re a person with no personality.