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    06-06-13 If you want to reach your goal, get rid of some of your extra load..
    06-06-13 If you want to reach your goal, get rid of some of your extra load.. Why am I moving at such a slow speed? Why am I losing my concentration? How come I didn’t get to finish the last two questions in the final exam? Why is it that I never get time to do the language section? And…… There are thousands of other similar questions which students ask me all the time. They all have the same answer to them, but you can ask them in thousands of different ways. You’ll get the answer to the question above if you have patience and wait till the end of this letter. Our brain has the ability to multitask, but as we take on more work at one time, there’s an increase in our loss of concentration. If our brain wants to study properly or do well on an exam, then it should concentrate only on that. But, unfortunately majority of you even at the time of taking an exam other than solving the problem, you think about thousands of different other things. I’ll tell you a couple of them: 1-Thinking if the questions are easy or difficult: Oh man, why they are so hard, what if the rest of the questions are as difficult as this?! What am I going to do?!!!! And on the other hand, they are some kids who don’t pay attention to the questions because they get so excited about the questions being so easy…. Oh God, how easy is this! Lucky I didn’t study that table …. 2-Calculating your score… That’s when in the middle of an exam you start calculating your score and some people even try to calculate their grade point average…how crazy is that! 3-Difficultnes of the previous or the next question You might be stuck in the previous question and can’t come up with the answer, but now that you are on the next question you’re still thinking about the previous one. 4-thinking about the next exam: Missing some Chemistry notes and thinking, who am I going to get it from?! But, kids don’t have their notes on them right now? I wish I told Mahsa to bring her notes..! 5-Thinking about the problems associated with family and friends This morning, why was Maryam acting that way? I’ll get back to her after exam… 6-Thinking about the fun things you plan on doing after the exam I want to just go and watch the last series of “Friends”, I want to go home and just sleep, and I’ll go get an ice cream after the exam… 7-Thinking about the fact that after all these effort, you don’t get the result you should be getting “I’m so dumb….I studied so much but,….” 8-Thinking about other things Listens to the teacher’s private conversations and tries to figure out what they’re saying to each other! 9-Thinking about not having enough energy Another behavior of spoiled kids is that they never feel like doing anything, they throw the pen they’re holding or tear up their exam paper and say:” I can’t do it anymore..” Now do you think that in a middle of an exam, with such limited time and all that stress, can someone think about all these stuff? What other things they think of when they are studying?! But, what is the solution?! 1-time management: When you are either studying or taking an exam, you have to specify how much work you’re going to get done in every half an hour. For example you can tell yourself that I’ll do 6 pages in the next half an hour. Or in an exam session tell yourself that I have 3 half an hours (90minutes) and we have 20 questions so, (considering my speed) in the first half an hour I have to complete 10 questions, in the second half an hour complete 20 questions and then leave 1/3 0r 1/4 of your time for revision. Just by forcing yourself to study in a certain amount of time you’ll stop the flow of so many of stupid thoughts coming towards you and even if they do, you can get rid of them really quickly. When we have a lot of time there’s a higher chance of messing up. 2-Get rid of some of your load to reach your destination quicker: Always in the midst of studying or exam you’ll have so many thoughts such as above popping into your head. Every time one of these thoughtsgets on your mind it’ll decrease your brains speed. Just like the CPU in your computer in which its speed decreases according to the number of different programs you’re running on it. In these situations you have to tell yourself, if I want to reach my destination quicker, I have to get rid of some of the load. You can instantly say “I don’t have time for you” repeat this sentence 3 times. It’ll have a great effect on your brain and as a result your brain will let go of the subject. If it didn’t let go of it, tell yourself “with an extra load I might never reach my destination”. In the middle of the exam, you should constantly remind yourself that your backpack doesn’t have room for any other stupid thoughts other than its main duty. Extra load is prohibited………… Studying 3-4 hours back to back is something normal, and for that reason it was never mentioned in the news that this year a million kids managed to sit behind the desk for 4 hours back to back while taking their university entrance examination. To sit in the same place for 4 hours and not get tired is one of the easiest things in the world, especially when you think 4 hours of running, sit ups and 4 hours of walking is such a difficult thing!! So, if you sit for 4 hours while taking the exam and not get tired its the most normal thing you can do. If you’re in the exam session and you feel exhausted, tell yourself “I’m a genius, how can I not do such a normal thing?” For so many reasons, you’re not allowed to feel tired. For example, for your life, for your parents and for sitting in one spot to study. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?! The more you put yourself under pressure for time The more you make yourself succeed The more you try not to think about stupid stuff, You’ll increase your speed as well as increasing your chance of success. You and I, we have to become successful. You and I, we’re not allowed to get tired. Why?! Because many people have this ability! If you look around carefully, you’ll see that so many people tell themselves: I’m like this and that….my brain freezes after an hour of studying. That’s how the world is, the more you underestimate yourself, your dreams becomes minute. There’s a sentence from my book “stick me around…” which I really like: Don’t tell the world what conditions you require to study and get a result Ask the world: what conditions and requirements are needed for studying and getting a result Ali Mirsadeghi In these last days I still love you And I’ll be with you till the end…