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    You are allowed to get a bad score, do you understand?
    20-07-2013 You are allowed to get a bad score, do you understand? In a little while the results of the university entrance examination will be announced. My last duty is to inform the examinees and their families of some the realities associated with the results because I’m sure when they do get the results, they won’t have much time to read this!! During the time that we were studying, our main duty was to only have positive thoughts about our future and just move forward but, now right before you get the results, it’s time to think what if the results are not as good as you wanted it to be. What do you have planned?! How would you control yourself?! How are you going to get your family ready for the news?! Are you going to wait for that really bad result which you know you’ll get and then lie to everyone and say I made a mistake by ticking the wrong multiple choice answers?! Are you going to say that they’ve changed the nature of the questions and everyone did really badly?! Just like 90% of the examinees, are you going to deceive everyone instead of accepting your mistakes?! You might be able to deceive your parents, your cousins and a couple of other people who have no idea how these tests work, but someone like me who has heard these excuses a thousand times before would just laugh at you..! I learnt a quote from Dr. Sheibani a great neurosurgeon: Explanation of a mistake is a mistake itself! If you messed up for any reason (even the reasons above), except your mistakes like a real man or a woman and don’t make up excuses. Instead of making up excuses for your mistake, use the right that you are entitled to: You have the right to make mistakes! Accept your mistakes, hold them tight, choke with tears or even cry, but don’t let go of the rope. One of the habits of great people is that when they fail at something, they would accept it instead of making excuses! Failing has never stood in a way of any successful person; I want to tell you a quote from myself which I really like: Failing has never caused a problem in the process of success, stopping in your tracks after a failure is what causes the problem. You, I, our dad, our mum, we all have the right not to understand, we have the right to make a wrong decision, and we have the right not to work enough, because as human being we have all these rights! But, we have one bigger and better right: To start over again You’re only 18-19 years old and I can assure you that if you don’t get the required result, you can’t make a conclusion that you will not succeed in your life. There is definitely no way that a bad result suggests a big failure and the end of your dreams. If your start preparing yourself for the negative things before receiving your result, it’s better than when you actually get them! If you do get the result that you were expecting, great!There’s no need to think anymore. So right now (or tonight) go up to your parents and thank them for all their hard work, talk to them about the mistakes you’ve made and apologize to them beforehand for not being able to make up for all their love and effort! Then go somewhere quiet and think, think if the result you had in mind or the field you wanted to study is worth it to sit and study for another year or not?! Isn’t it better before your angry consultant who is responsible for helping you choose a field comes and tells you that you have to choose another field that you don’t even like,you’ve already started thinking about other available fields and get some information on them?! Where does an interest in something start?! It comes from collecting information. When we don’t have information on something, we kind of don’t have any interest in it.There are so many other fields of study that we hate for no reason just because we don’t have any information on them and most times they are so much better than the fields that we obsess about all the time. We all know that it’s always admirable to have persistence for reaching our goals, but is persistence always the right thing to do?! What if we keep persisting on something that it’s really not going to help us in the future?! Wouldn’t that simply be wasting time?! Gill Panjina , CEO of the Vikia company explains this cross road situation beautifully: If we pour fuel on a small piece of wood, we’ll only have one piece of wet wood, but if we pour the same amount of fuel on a small fire, then we’ll have a huge fire. We have to accept the fact that sometimes being persistent will not give us the desired result. I know a lot of successful people that owe their success to letting go of their goals once realizing that it’s not worth as much as they first thought. Mira Imran, a successful entrepreneur claims that her key to success was putting a stop to her project right from the start. It’s true, in most cases we have been taught that letting go of our goal is a sign of weakness but, in most cases it’s exactly the opposite, letting go is the bravest decision. This is a saying from a lovable woman called Tina Silig. I don’t mean that you have to change your goal as soon as you fail at something, what I meant was that successful people aren’t so sensitive on their goals or the fields they’ve chosen instead they try to be flexible and choose a new and better goal for themselves. The most important question is how are we supposed to decide if we should stay true to our previous goal orif it’s better to change it?! In this case the specialists suggest that we should search inside ourselves and listen to what our heart says and then do what your heart asks you to do. So, the second stage is when we don’t achieve the appropriate result for getting into the field that we’re interested, but we still love our goal. For example what should a student who loves medicine but, hasn’t achieved the result for it do in this case?! That student therefore needs to sit the university entrance exam again and this time he/she has to put more effort than before. We have to believe that a human being without passion and dream is nothing more than a walking corpse. We shouldn’t walk past our goals due to our self –indulgence. We shouldn’t choose a tranquil life over a bitter life. Until the last drop of blood we have to stand by our passion and dreams. I advise these people,as their first step to hire a consultant because that’s more important than going to classes or an institute. From next week they should start on choosing their field of study so they can move forward with more determination than before. The key to success is instead of running away from the bullet; try to get well as soon you get hit by it. I personally respect both of these groups: The people who let go of their goals at the right moment and find a new goal and hold on to it with all their strength And also those people who stand by their passion until their last drop of blood. Sorry if I made you upset with my words, I thought this way when you come to see us for your field selection you can be happier than before. God, please offer us what we deserve, even if we’ve forgotten to ask you for it in our prayers. And God please banish what is not in our interest even though we’ve asked you for it in our prayers. I love you always Seyyed Ali SoheilMirsadeghi.