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    The hidden reasons behind getting a bad result

    The hidden reasons behind getting a bad result 


    We’ve all heard or said the famous sentence which goes like this “I do study but, I don’t seem to get results I’m expecting”.  That is what the students say; the majority of the time, and the teachers or the lecturers don’t have a convincing answer for it. As usual, to figure out the answer to the student’s questions, in 2013 Barsa’s consultants, with the help of a Pathology laboratory conducted a medical research in this field.


    First speculations were based on the latest studies available and scientifically we could also investigate the biggest problem of this group of students. It has to be said that the biggest problem of our countries students is the lack of study time but, if you think you study enough and you’re still not getting the result you’re expecting, then you definitely need to pay attention to this article.

    1-      The students who get tired quickly:Some students start studying with a clear mind but, after 1 or 2 hours of studying or couple of days of reading, they physically fall short. Our research indicated that there’s a great chance that these students have the following problems:

    A)     Anemia

    B)      Deficiency of Iron and magnesium

    C)      Folic Acid deficiency

    This group of people become physically weak, constantly tired and have no energy. If you can diagnose this problem early on, in most cases it can be treated with simple medication so, that you can carry on with your tasks in the best way possible. Some students try to overcome this problem by consuming energy drinks, tea and coffee, but these product can only supply you with a temporary boost of energy. We have to keep in mind that consuming too much caffeine and thein available in these products are also harmful in their own way and can be the cause of more problems.

    Another group of students turn to food, with this in mind that if they eat more, then they would have more energy and that again results into gaining weight and more problems again.

    2-      Memory loss, reduced concentration and lower learning ability: As I mentioned above Anemia, Lack of minerals such as Iron, Magnesium and Folic acid cause tiredness and therefore they’ll directly impact the learning abilities. When a person becomes tired, the brain also experiences the same exhaustion and since the brain is more sensitive compared to the rest of the body, it reflects the negative impact even more. For example, the students who get tired quickly have less ability to learn anything and they get distracted easily. While studying, they have less concentration, even though they read the same thing over and over, they don’t learn it properly and the worst thing of all is that during the exams, they can’t seem to remember things properly, specially the one’s with the case of  Iron deficiency. Other than the 4 things I’ve mentioned above, deficiency of B12, Estrogen and Zinc can greatly interfere with our learning, concentration, memory and understanding as well.


    3-      Disturbed students:One of the reasons that some of the students run out of study time are stress and anxiety. Our research showed that if this group happen to be male students, there’s a great chance that they have Magnesium deficiency and if they’re females, then it’s more likely that they would have Magnesium and Progesterone deficiency and they have to be under the doctors supervision and be treated for their problems.



    4-      Students with a bad attitude: The students who have a bad attitude and get angry really quickly are the ones who keep running short of study time, but do you know why? Because the majority of the time they’re angry with themselves or with others and they’re not able to study in this condition. Other than the fact that these students have to keep themselves under control to be the hero of their own life, researches show that there’s a high risk that they have a thyroid problem or Calcium deficiency. So, therefore by undergoing more tests, they can find the cause of the problem and treat it so they can study with ease.


    5-      Sleepless nights in girls: When students have problem sleeping, it’ll be harder for them to get up early the next day, they have less concentration in class and in the afternoons when they decide to start studying, they feel exhausted.  Studies suggest that these girls could have a possible decrease in their progesterone levels which is known to be responsible for loss of memory, weight loss, insomnia, stress and chronic fatigue. However, other studies suggest that the stress arising from the third problem in this article is one of the reasons for reducing the release of progesterone and cause interference in ovulation.


    These are only some of the few problems which can happen to the student’s metabolic system. In our opinion, before each academic year, students should do a full checkup checking the level of these minerals and hormones so; they won’t waste their time by making useless attempts at studying.

    Ali Mirsadeghi