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    One of the 2011 graduates who achieved a high rank without having a consultant and with only the “Planning with CCTV” book told me something very interesting. She said “sometimes when I got really tired and couldn’t find the energy to continue studying, I’d open Mirsadeghi’s book at a random page and read it. It felt as if someone had told me my fortune, as if it was written for me right at that moment. Even thought I had read that book 100 times before, but it all seemed new to me”.

    Due to Mahsa’s story, we decided to start this section to tell your fortune. Here we’ve chosen some of Mirsadeghi’s words from his book that come up by chance every time you’re searching for a new motivational phrase. I hope that just like Mahsa this can give you the help you need.
    Now close your eyes and click on the fortune button and see what Mirsadeghi will tell you!

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