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    1393/07/06 Some feed back

    Some feed back from one of my articles published in motivateus.com!


    Sender : فلاح
    1393/07/06 Received a great feed back

    Received a great feed back for my book "Planning With CCTV" from Custom Book Publications


    Sender : فلاح
    1392/01/14 Testimonials




    Thank you,

    Mr. Mirsadeghi, thank you so much, you and your study system helped me so that I could study more than before and become more successful.

    Since I was introduced to your site, I’ve become more hopeful than before.
    Thank you,

    I wanted to thank you for your great book “Planning with CCTV”, it helped me out so much. With this book I managed to have a plan for my life.

    Life using the method of Planning with CCTV,
    Mr. Mirsadeghi, I’m in grade 12. 

    I’m using your planning book and I’m surprised by how much I’ve progressed, and I’m truly thankful. I hope I can keep this up. Wish you all the best.

    I’m a genius……
    I’ve learnt this from you…..
    I hope I can stay like this and with your advice continue stronger than ever to achieve the results I’m after.
    I’ll try my best so hopefully one day I can proudly tell everyone I did it.
    Endless tranquility
    Thank you for everything you have taught me.

    I tried to participate in most of your forums, I’ve got all of your books and I use them all the time. I wanted to let you know that your words, your forums and even your name give me a sense of tranquility.

    Mr. Mirsadeghi, thank you for all your wonderful advice.

    Hello, I had my university entrance exam this year but, I didn’t do as well as I expected. I read your article and I belong to the second group which is, I can’t give up my dreams. After reading your article I became motivated again and thank you so much for that. I accidentally found you through a site and I have also ordered your Planning with CCTV book and I’m planning on using it to achieve my goals….thank you for being so kind.

    Hello, Mr. Mirsadeghi….
    I met you through your website….
    I’m after your planning book..
    I read a little bit of it and I loved it…
    When I read your words I fill motivated….
    As if someone is telling me to get up, you can do it…
    I wish you were my teacher..
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,

    Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi, from the time I started reading your books, it’s like something miraculous has happened to me. It has changed the way I look at everything such as, my life, studies and my goals. I only realized now what it is I wantfrom life. Thank you so much. With this book, you saved me from a pointless life. I don’t know how to thank you.

    Thank you so much,

    Hello, I remember in your book (Planning with CCTV) you said that we should thank whoever helped us with our studies and the person who is responsible for our progress, but don’t forget your own effort. Well, that’s what I’m doing right now; I wanted to thank you so much. I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for your wonderful words, I would never have the patience to read a book. It was because of your accurate planning that I became motivated. Well, God also helped me, he was the reason I became familiar with you and your book. I tried my best to use the book as well. I even suggested it to my classmates but, other than me no one else used it. The book belonged to the school so; therefore I couldn’t have it all to myself. Every time I had the chance to have the book, I would write down your words in my notebook or take a picture from the pages so I can read it later. I also copied all the daily tables from the book into my notebook and wrote a summary of everything you said under each one.

    I’m really thankful to you and God. With your help I managed to get a great score in the university entranceexams. I want to say a greatthank you to Iran’s besteducational consultant.


    Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi

    First of all I like to thank for what you said in the forum. It changed my life and the way I look at things. Secondly I thank you for your great book which has helped me a lot. I read it all the time!

    I’m really happy for knowing you and I’m sure with your words, my effort and Gods help, I can reach my dreams. I’ll be really happy if you could help me again this year. By the way you had a broken leg in the forum. I hope you’re feeling better now.

    Sender: Rafii
    How I met you

    Hello Mr. Ali Soheil Mirsadeghi. I’m really happy to be a member of this site. My sister studies at your school (Modaberan) and her name is Atefe Ebrahimi Pak. This Friday she has her university entrance examination, please pray for her. Every time after school she wouldn’t stop talking about your school, the teachers and you. I wish I was instead of her and hope I can one day attend your school.

    Sender: Ebrahimi Pak
    In the name of God,

    Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi. I attended your forum and wanted to say it was awesome. I really liked to come to your school and become part of Barsa but, due to some problems it’s not possible. I really would have liked it if you could have been my consultant. My mum says, if someone wants to study, doesn’t matter where in the world they are they still have to study themselves. I’ll try my best!! I wish you and all the other hard working kids’ tremendous success.

    Sender: Ghasempour
    Something I learnt from Steve Jobs

    From the time I was just 6 years old I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I got older I realized it was impossible to reach my dream and I decided to forget about it. In the beginning I was really upset but, slowly I got used to it. When I came to Barsa I learnt that nothing is impossible and you can achieve anything by making an effort but, I was still scared to spend the best days of my life trying to reach my own personal goal and never get to it. That was until the time I listened to Steve Jobs speech at Stanford University. The sentence that made the most impact on me was this: Death made me stop thinking about things I got to lose. Right now you guys have nothing to lose. Your time is limited so don’t waste your time trying to live someone else’s life. I learnt the biggest lesson of life from this sentence that our life is a count down towards death. We never know when it’ll happen so, why should we be scared of following our heart?!

    Sender: Tehrani

    Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi, thank you for your beautiful forum….It gave me so much energy, well I’m doing my last year of high school and I really needed that energy. I don’t know how to thank you!! I hope next year I can get accepted in whatever major that God decides (I’m studying for Dentistry) so, that way I can show my appreciation and build my country.

    Sender: Ziayee

    Hi Mr. Mirsadeghi. I just joined your group and I really need your help. I hope that with God’s help, my effort and your advice I can succeed.

    Sender: Abolghasemi
    Planning with CCTV

    I’m really happy for purchasing the book, Planning with CCTV, because I never had proper planning for myself and I’m really happy for having someone like you who helps us so we could have a bright future. I’m sure I’ll get one of the best scores in the final examination. Thank you again for the great book.

    Sender: Jalali

    If one day they ask me, what was the greatest thing that you’ve done in your life, I would say: the time I met Mr. Mirsadeghi and attended his forum. I told everything he said to my best friend but, she didn’t really acknowledge it……but the greatest thing I did?! Without her knowing, I reserved her a seat for the forum,” How to become awesome”. After seeing the ticket she was surprised and curious …..After the forum my best friend’s life had changed. That was because I insisted and Mr. Mirsadeghi helped.

    Sender: Sharifi

    To reach the unreachable, you have to get the thought that some things are unreachable out of your head. And try to remember that if you don’t write down the things you want, they’ll always only stay as a dream. According to Mr. Mirsadeghi, hold your dreams in your arms and don’t forget how much effort you’ve put in to get to where you are right now.

    Sender:Ali Maddadi

    Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi, in the beginning of the final examinations I read your book Men at Work?! And it really did have an effect on me. I wanted to thank you since because of this book I managed to study better and hope for better results.

    Sender: Najari
    Hello, the forum was really great and helpful. I realized how serious everything is and that I need to try really really hard!!
    Sender: Shariffi

    Firstly I want to thank you for staying with us till the end and from the bottom of my heart I truly enjoyed reading your books. I don’t know how to thank you, your words from today’s forum made a great impact on me.

    I wish you the best. Today I learnt how to love life.
    Sender: Jallali

    The forum was awesome!!!! It has been about 5 hours since I got home. I feel great and I just hope I can get accepted into your school.

    Sender: Fallah
    It’s been a couple of months since I joined Barsa….I can’t wait to start studying in your school so, that I too can have a great life and come out of this hole of hopelessness.
    Sender: Akhavan

    Hello, I’m a 15 year old girl and after seeing you on the national television I became interested in studying, I really do thank you.

    Sender: Majidi

    Hello, sometimes things happen in your life that makes your world upside down and its worth more than all the other days in your life. Mr. Mirsadeghi, thank you for this change.

    From today, I’m different to everyone else. I’ll do anything for my goal even if I have to stay up all night.
    Sender: Salahi
    The book “Planning with CCTV” has doubled my motivation for studying. Thank you!!
    Sender: Abedi

    Hello… By reading your books, Full Stop Next Line.. and Planning with CCTV, I was really affected…I managed to increase my grade point average from 14.5 to 18. Mr. Mirsadeghi, I really want to thank you.

    Sender: Habib Zadeh

    Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi. I really want to thank you for the book Full Stop, Next line…. It was awesome, I really had given up but, by reading this book I got so much energy.

    Sender: Javaheri
    Sender : website
    1392/01/14 testimonial 1



     I’m a grade 9 student and still haven’t even chosen my field of study, but I read your book “Full stop, next line…” and just wanted to say that it was very informative and to thank you.


    Sender: Sayee




    I was studying geometry when I got your parcel…. Pretty good timing thank you… before all I  thought about was that I’m not going to be able to take the entrance exam this year and have to wait till next year…but I feel better than…I still think I won’t make it to the exam :D

    Sender: Ahadian


    Thank you and congratulations to Mr. Monjami

     Hi, how are you? I’m one of the kids who attended Barsa’s classes last year. Just wanted to thank, Mr. Mirsadeghi and Mr. Monjami. By the way congratulations to Mr. Monjami for the great news I heard about him.

     Sender: Shahsavari




    thank you,


    Hi, my name is Sahar and I attended one of Mr. Ali Mirsadeghi’s conferences. It was very interesting, and wanted to thank you for the book “Full stop, next line…” it was amazing, I loved it. It was as if the book was specifically written for me, I’ve read it 10 times already and each time I learn something new. Thank you for watching out for us and give us motivation with your great work.

     Thank you….. J

     Sender: Pakdaman



    Thank you again,

     Want to say a big hello to everyone at Barsa. After a long time I found time to come and thank Mr. Ali Mirsadeghi for all the support he has given us and kept his promise…

     Thanks for staying with us till the end, just like in our final exams and made it bearable by just being there. Wish you success and hope to see you again it a conference.

     Sender: RazaviAlavi



    Thank you!

     Hello..thank you so much for the book “Full stop, next line….”!


    I felt as if the book was written based on my life!!!


    In class the teacher always complained why instead of winging I don’t study!


    But I think after reading this book, instead of winging I would sit down and study, maybe even get accepted into the course I love! J


    Sender: F.KH.M




    Thank you

     Hello, hello Mr. Mirsadeghi, I’m a student. An average high school student, but I have big hopes and dreams…..Until now every time I got tired of anything, I managed to stay positive thinking about my goals… After getting bad results in couple of the exams that I had I became really depressed, well my results weren’t that bad, but when I compare them to my friends that’s when I lose hope and think that the goals I have are meant for them and not me…. Up to now I kept thinking that the reason that I’m just an average student and my friends are top students it’s because they’re either much more smarter than me or they can study more…’cause my sister always says the people who want to study in the field of sciences have to study a lot, but the way our family is, we can’t sit behind a desk for more than 10 hours straight. I tried it a couple of times, she’s right, it’s got to be something, and I can’t do it! , but what am I supposed to do I want to study science and become a doctor someday. Today I read the book “Full stop, next line..” (Want to give you a big thank you for understanding how kids really feel) and I found out where there’s a will, there’s a way and if till now I haven’t got great results it’s because I haven’t studied properly and you wouldn’t believe how much valuable time I’ve lost….. Today when I read your book, I noticed I had more determination, and my goals became more of a reality than a dream. I also realized that there’s no difference between my friends and I, and I only have to accept the fact that I don’t study properly and have to try harder.


     Sender: Kamal



    Beautiful sentence


    I love your sentence: I’ll either find a way or make a way!!


    Sender: Eftekhary



    Thank you

     Hello, I’m a new member of your website


    I have always believed in myself and know that I will get accepted in the University I love , studying in the field I love I don’t care if everyone keep telling me that I can’t do, the important thing is that there still one person in this world who still believes in me…that me. Today after reading the book “Full stop, next line…” It gave me so much hope… I really want to thank you.

    Sender: Amirgan


    Thank you,


    Helloooooo !!!J


    I’m a new member to your site, after not getting the results I expected in my exams, I’m not feeling too good L . Today after I read the book “Full stop, next line…” I got so much motivation and energy and I hope to have the same energy till the day of the entrance exams so, I can get good results. Thank you for your great words, it made me feel so much better J


    Sender: Hayati



    Hellooooooooooo to all the wonderful consultants


    Hellooooo a big hello packed with full of energy to all the consultants! I’m really happy that the book “Full stop, next line…” won and I hope and know you’ll have a great conference. Your study plan for the exams are great, we’re all trying our best, pray for us with all your heart so we can achieve great results and somehow make up for all your hard work and see your beautiful smile. Thank you for working so hard so we can be successful. Wish you great success “Hadis”


    Sender: Ghiasy



    In the memories of the entrance exam

     Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi, I miss Barsa so much. Right now the only thing I wish for is to be there and learn how to live from you. I’m proud of being your student and every step I take I try to use your advice.


    Sender: Nosrati




     One of the happiest days of my life was when I found Mr. Mirsadeghi’s website. Thank you


    Sender: Amiri



    Thank you

     Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi, I just wanted to thank you. Because of your book I managed to increase my studying hours from 5hours a week to 28hours week. Hope to succeed in the exams with your help.


    Sender: Salimi



    An unforgettable day

    I’m not going to forget yesterday 09-11-2012. My wife and I attended your conference and learnt a lot of important information. I wish you good health and success.


    Sender: Shams



    Hello, this year my sister started studying at Barsa and with all the changes I’ve seen in her I’m really interested in attending this school too. Even got more excited reading the other students notes. I hope to be a Barsa student next year and by the way thank you for making so many changes in Zibaand now she fully takes advantage of her time.


    Sender: Bahadori




    I thank you and appreciate

    I just wanted to say hello and thank you for all your help. Last year I was getting ready for the entrance exams and never had the opportunity to take advantage of a class run by a suitable consultant or never had any consultation until after New Year that I was introduced to your planning book and watched the 100 series and that got me even more motivated and I was able to study even harder and reach my goal which was being a chemistry engineer in the University of Tabriz. It’s my duty to thank you and to say that I owe my success to you and wish you success in everything you do.

     Sender: Vida




     Hello, your hard work is worthy of appreciation, thanks for thinking about our future and for filling up our Fridays!!! A good thing comes to those who wait

     Sender: Sadri




    I think it was around June/ July when you visited our school and asked us what was our plan for next year…. That day everyone took it as a joke, we laughed and moved on. I remember it so well; it was the last day of the exams in July. Later a group of us came to your conference and realized that so many things are going to change. I was scared and told myself this is a big change and I just can’t pull it off; just let it go ‘cause their world is so different to mine. For 16 years I lived my life in a different way, I studied differently, you just can’t do it, but there was this strange feeling inside me wanting to try the Barsa experience. If you can remember Negar and I were really scared of the new conditions and on the day of registration we talked to you and you told us we’ll move forward little at a time and there won’t be any problems. I want to say that right now I’m so glad to be here and think that the world of Barsa , with all its hard work, it’s the best place in the world.


    Sender: Ayeh



     Thank you

    Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi, Just wanted to thank you for your great conference…

     Sender: MazloumHosseini




    Hello Mr. Mirsadeghi, I’m not a member of Barsa and never been to any of your conferences, and my family don’t believe in consultations and these sort of stuff. I was introduced to “planning with CCTV” by accident, and spend day and night thinking about your words. You not only helped me with my studies but most of all made a great difference in my life by teaching me how to live. I gave up a couple of times in my life but thanks to you I managed to get back on track. I don’t know what else to say… thank you for everything.

    Sender: Maleki

    Sender : m